About us

The Munich Refugee Council was founded over 30 years ago by individuals and refugee initiatives as a platform for the exchange of experience and information as well as joint public relations and lobbying. Since then, the Munich Refugee Council has been working for the rights of refugees and migrants in Munich and beyond. We demand respect for human rights for all people, regardless of their origin and nationality. For us, this includes in particular the right to an intact, self-determined life outside our own nation-state. Escape can have many reasons and therefore we demand protection and rights for people who had to flee.

Our work consists of sensitizing the public and politics to the living situation of refugees, pointing out grievances, and working together for an open and solidary society.

In addition, we operate four projects:

  • Asylum Law Counsulation Office: Counselling and mediation of refugees and volunteers. Further training for full-time and honorary staff on asylum law topics
  • Volunteering Project: mediation and support of volunteers and refugees
  • Infobus for Refugees: Native language counselling on asylum procedures and preparation for hearings before first admissions
  • Save Me: Campaign for the humanitarian reception of refugees



Our work is partly granted by the City of Munich. To execute our work in the fullest, we are strongly dependent on donations. Here, you can donate for the work of the Munich Refugee Council and the separate projects.