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Contact person for everybody that wants to start engaging:

Elif Beiner        tel. 089 12021716        aktiv[at]

Everyone can help – as volunteer, with money donations (project oriented possible), as sustaining member or donations in kind. In general, there are two options to engage: either support the refugees directly – for example as godparent, with apartment hunting, at the Infobus or in an accommodation center – or support the Munich Refugee Council, for example with public relations. No matter, if you want to engage long-term and intense or in separate projects: together, we are stronger.

UNHCR/R. Brunnert.

Voluntary help for refugees

Refugees in Munich are in need of support in various areas. Some voluntary activities can be executed as short-term projects. During language partnerships or especially family godparenthood, relationships develop and are therefore meant for a longer time. Please consider, that the people are often traumatized due to the situation in their home country and their escape.

Apartment hunting

We support families with children to enable them to move out of the community housings into their own apartment as quick as possible. As cheap living space is hard to find in Munich, we are happy about every help. This task is possible to be organized as a one-time project, if you don’t have time for a long-term engagement.

Language partnerships

Refugees with basic language knowledge often can’t improve their German, as affordable advanced courses are missing. Because of their living conditions, they don’t have much contact to German environment – for this reason, we are looking for language partners to talk in German.

[For the next information evening for interested persons see under upcoming dates]

Godparents for refugee families

As godfather/-mother you regularly meet with the refugees and support them with learning German or with dealing with authorities. You can spend time together, discover Munich by visiting museums or walking through the Englischen Garten.

Godparents for young refugees

Especially minor refugees seek contact to the German youth that help them with homework or play soccer in the park. Our cooperation partner, the „Städtische Berufsschule zur Berufsvorbereitung“ (BOKI, school for job preparation) in Munich needs private teachers for refugee students. Class partnerships with classes in Munich are desirable.

Private lessons for young refugees during an apprenticeship

When refugees, that graduated from a German school after two years, start an apprenticeship, they often lack the vocabulary, that is required for the vocational training. Therefore, they need support to succesfully pass the theoretical part of the job course.

Voluntary work in the Infobus

The work in the Infobus requires the willingness for a comprehensive schooling. Therefore, the engagement only makes sense, if you want to participate for a longer period of time.

Participation in the Munich refugee Council

If in public relations, in the consultation or with information campaigns: Your help is very welcome at the Munich Refugee Council.


We are happy about your interest in voluntary help and the will to help.

You can find the dates for our information evenings for interested people under “upcoming dates” or request it under


tel. 089 12021716

If you are already active in the refugee field, you can inform yourself in our monthly plenum and forge links to our network partners. The plenum takes place once per month on Monday at 7 pm in our rooms at the Goethestr. 53. Each new date you will find under “upcoming dates”.