To support the Infobus

“The Infobus gives refugees a first orientation in Munich. I therefore hope that the Infobus as an honorary offer will continue to find numerous sponsors and patrons and will be able to continue its valuable work. “(Christian Ude, longtime mayor of Munich)

The infobus needs friends!

The project is funded by the City of Munich, the UN Refugee Agency and Amnesty International. Decisive for the financing and existence of our bus are dedicated donors, especially since the abolition of the support by the European Union. In order to ensure our work in the long term, we need all the help and are very happy, if you support us with a single donation.

What we spend the money on?
  • for a part-time worker responsible for the coordination of the project; Their tasks are the representation of refugee´s interests and the professional support of volunteers
  • for interpreting fees, if the demand exceeds the capacity of the volunteer
  • for the creation and production of information materials for refugees, such as translations or copies
  • for operating costs such as insurance, vehicle tax, fuel or repairs for the bus
Account for donations

Verein zur Förderung der Flüchtlingsarbeit in München e.V.
Stadtsparkasse München
Kto-Nr. 314 344
BLZ 701 500 00
IBAN: DE22701500000000314344
Please note: For the donation receipt we need your full address

Further support: Volunteering

We are also particularly pleased about volunteers who want to support the team in the asylum counseling during office hours, volunteer interpreting or escort refugees to authorities, to the hearing or the court. If you have any interest in becoming part of our team, we look forward to a call on 0176/29898902 or an e-mail to:

Thank you!

The Infobus for refugees, a project of the Munich Refugee Council, was awarded on 13 October 2016 by the association “Flüchtlingshilfe München” with an exceptionally generous donation of 30,000 €. For that, the Refugee Council, the information bus and all employees and helpers are thanking wholeheartedly! Against the background of the urgently needed, but currently denied funding by the European Union, the generous support from Flüchtlingshilfe München is an unexpected blessing. It allows Infobus to continue its work and provide as many refugees as possible with competent legal advice in the asylum procedure. Thank you very much!


The project Infobus for Refugees was awarded on the 2. February 2006 “for its commitment against xenophobia and violence and for a peaceful coexistence in Munich” with the sponsorship award Münchner Lichtblicke, which is assigned by the City of Munich, the Foreigners Council and the organization Lichterkette e.V.

The Infobus was funded and made possible in 2017 by: