Our campaign „Save Me” is concerned with the entry of refugees on humanitarian grounds, in particular through the UN Resettlement Programme. Additionally, we work with volunteers that help refugees in Munich to meet as many people as possible and to promote a culture of welcome.

Main Tasks:

  • Preparation of the arrival of resettlers
  • Assistance for the refugees after their arrival
  • Support regarding family reunification and legal matters
  • Political work (with governments and governmental agencies at municipal and federal level)
  • Documentation of the resettlement procedure
  • Coordination of volunteers and mentors
  • Public relations
  • Training and networking

More information can be found here: http://www.save-me-muenchen.de/en/about-us/the-save-me-campaign/


Dachauerstr. 21a (backyard), 80335 München

089/ 120 217 15



Nina Klofac, Hannah Sommer, Elena Löber

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

10-12 am